Thursday, July 9, 2009


The Lyghtekeeper’s Journal
July 8, 2009
Life’s Chess Game

I will say right off that I am NOT a chess player. I did make an attempt to learn the game when my son wanted to learn but I just couldn’t remember which pieces moved where and what direction. But there is one thing I do understand and that is waiting. There are somethings I have waiting a lifetime to come to fruition and I have a lot of friends who can say the same. I was trying to encourage one of my friends on this very subject and I blurted out, “You know some chess pieces wait until the end of the game before they are moved - and they are the most important pieces of the board.

The best news is that no matter how many times an opponent says, “Check” it is only when someone says, “Checkmate” when the game is over. In other words, if life is a chess game then the enemy can declare “Check” as many times as he wants but he will never be allowed to shout, “Checkmate.” NEVER!

There are some pieces that leave the board early in the game, some are sacrificed in order to protect the King and Queen. And there are some pieces that stay on their square until the precise moment in the game to bring it to its end.

God is all about timing - which is amazing considering that the Kingdom of God has nothing to do with clocks or calendars. But God knows exactly when He plans to fulfill His word to us. Whether a personal word or a Scriptural promise to all of His Children, nothing will be done until God Himself brings it into fruition. Waiting is never fun but just maybe knowing that timing is very important to God can help those of us who feel like we’ve been standing on the same square for years.

And remember: It really doesn’t matter how many times you hear that word, “Check.” It’s only “Checkmate” that ends the game and no one will say that except the Lord God Almighty.

Be encouraged - the end of the game is coming and it your eyes on the Lord, it will be in your favor.